Diego Poncelet's Quest for Speed: The Power of Eenox's Precision Bearings

Diego Poncelet's Quest for Speed: The Power of Eenox's Precision Bearings

When every second counts, precision isn’t just a feature; it’s the foundation of victory. Diego Poncelet, renowned for pushing the limits of gravity and speed, knows this better than anyone. As he gears up for his monumental attempt to shatter the world downhill skateboarding speed record, he’s chosen an ally renowned for Swiss precision — WIB Bearings + Eenox.  

It's not solely about surviving the steep descents; it's about excelling on them, with each road contour felt through bearings that transform the skater's confidence into seamless and swift motion. 

Let's dive into the symbiotic partnership between a speed virtuoso and the master craftsmen of bearings, whose collaboration is set to redefine the limits of possibility. 

The Partnership: 

Diego Poncelet, renowned as one of the world’s elite speed skaters, resonates with the essence of Eenox—precision, quality, and Swiss excellence. This shared ethos formed the basis of a natural partnership between Diego and WIB Bearings + Eenox, unified by their Swiss roots.  

This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to equip top athletes with the finest bearing technology, supporting their quest for triumph and record-breaking achievements. Tailor-made for victory, the bearings designed for Diego exemplify our bespoke craftsmanship aimed at conquering the extreme demands of downhill speed skating. 

The Science of Speed: 

In the pursuit of downhill skateboarding’s pinnacle speeds, reaching over 91 mph, every component of Diego’s gear is critical. At these velocities, it’s the bearing technology that can make the difference between winning and merely competing.  

Eenox bearings are engineered to optimize the delicate balance between minimizing drag torque and providing unwavering control. The exceptional performance of our bearings is the result of advanced engineering that perfects this balance, ensuring Diego's skateboard turns and accelerates as if on wings, with safety as the uncompromising priority. 

Testing and Performance: 

Developing the perfect bearing for Diego Poncelet is an exercise in precision engineering. It starts with an exhaustive analysis of Diego’s unique skating dynamics, followed by rigorous FEA and simulations. The result is a series of prototypes that undergo a stringent internal testing process in Switzerland. Diego’s feedback is integral to this iterative process, allowing us to refine our designs to an unparalleled standard.  

While we eagerly anticipate sharing specific performance metrics, what we can reveal is the transformative impact our bearings are poised to make on the sport. Through challenges and iterative enhancements, we have crafted a bearing that is not only a component of Diego’s skateboard but a core part of his quest for record-breaking speed. 

Diego Poncelet on a skateboard outside going downhill very fast

Supporting You In Your Quest For Speed 

As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and performance alongside Diego Poncelet, we invite you to experience the same level of excellence that defines champions.  

If you aspire to ride with precision and speed akin to a world-class speed skater, explore the bearings we've crafted for peak performance. Visit our collection of Eenox skateboard bearings and find your perfect match—the choice of professionals, now available for your ride. Embrace the thrill of the ride with Eenox, where every turn is a testament to Swiss engineering at its finest.