Inline skating

608 Berra Inline – High Carbon Steel Ring + High Carbon Steel Ball

Robust, cost-effective standard carbon steel rises to the occasion for recreational inline skaters that want long-lasting bearings that are reliable and deliver smooth speed.


Designed for a wide range of skates from inline to derby, Berra Inline's high carbon steel rings and balls deliver the perfect blend of grit, speed, and durability. Take your skating to the next level; Berra Inline is ready for the challenge.

High Carbon Ball Bearings

Berra Inline's bearings are meticulously crafted with both high-carbon steel balls and rings. These components offer enduring resilience, standing tall against high-impact landings and rigorous skating sessions. Together, they guarantee a seamless, low-resistance glide, ensuring that skaters experience both durability and speed.

Berra Inline bearings are meticulously crafted for the dedicated inline skater, derby athlete, and roller skater. The use of high carbon steel in our rings is purposefully selected to provide consistent, reliable performance under the repetitive strain of high-intensity skating activities. 

Surrounding these rings is a low density, low friction cage made of reinforced polymers (nylon), designed to provide stability even during the most intense skating sessions. And to ensure a seamless glide, every bearing is treated with premium lubrication—specially selected and developed for high-speed and extreme pressure conditions, guaranteeing a performance that stands out on any track or street. 

La Berra Mountain of the Swiss Prealps in the canton of Fribourg overlooks the serene Lake of Gruyere. Much like an athlete’s unwavering drive, the mountain slope signifies the rigorous ascent we undertake to train, compete, and triumph. The Fribourg canton proudly houses one of Switzerland’s leading ice hockey teams, serves as the endpoint for the prominent Morat-Fribourg running race, and is the birthplace of both WIB and Eenox.

Product specifications

Pack quantity
Deep Groove
Ball Bearing
Reinforced Polymers (Nylon)
High-Carbon Steel
High-Carbon Steel
No Contact
Inner diameter
Outer diameter
Bearing width
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