608 Berra Sk8 – High Carbon Steel Ring + High Carbon Steel Ball


Elevate your ride with Berra. Crafted with premium high carbon rings and balls, it's the ideal choice for recreational riders who prioritize longevity, durability, and value. Size 608.


Dominate both the skatepark and the open road with the Eenox Berra Sk8 bearings. Swiss-engineered using premiums high carbon steel ring, these bearings are designed for those who demand uncompromised performance. Paired with high carbon steel balls, they promise a blend of rugged durability and effortless speed.

High Carbon Ball Bearings  

Experience unparalleled endurance with Berra Sk8's high carbon steel construction. Both the rings and balls are crafted from this robust material, ensuring they withstand high-impact landings and maintain rapid speeds without faltering. 

The Berra bearings are a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. Built with resilient high carbon steel rings, they are complemented by a low density, low friction cage, constructed of reinforced polymers (nylon). Additionally, Berra bearings are treated with a premium lubrication— an oil specially selected and developed for contaminated, high-speed conditions. Skate with intensity, push the envelope, and see just how much Berra can endure. It's designed with precision to take on any challenge. 

Inspired by the La Berra Mountain in the Swiss Pre-alps, in the canton of Fribourg, overlooking the mesmerizing Lake of Gruyere, these bearings echo the tenacity of athletes. Just as sports enthusiasts push their limits, the mountain's slope symbolizes the challenges faced during training and competition. This canton doesn't just house breathtaking landscapes but also boasts one of Switzerland's elite ice hockey teams, the renowned Morat-Fribourg running race, and the esteemed homes of WIB and Eenox.  

Product specifications

Pack quantity
Deep Groove
Ball Bearing
Reinforced Polymers (Nylon)
High-Carbon Steel
High-Carbon Steel
No Contact
Inner diameter
Outer diameter
Bearing width
image image


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