608 Broc Sk8 – High Carbon Steel Ring + Ceramic Ball


For skateboarders who love a challenge, Broc is ready. Built to handle force, pressure, and speed, this bearing won't back down. Size 608.


Broc features a high-grade high carbon steel ring designed for the demands of high-speed skating. Paired with ceramic balls and Swiss precision, friction is a non-issue, but toughness stays front and center.

Ceramic Ball Bearings  

Broc integrates Grade 3 Silicon Nitride ceramic balls that are rounder and smoother than steel, ensuring top-tier speed. Paired with a robust high carbon steel ring, this bearing offers unmatched durability, even in the harshest skate conditions. 

Broc's high-grade ceramic ball bearings provide increased wear and corrosion resistance, ensuring smoother rides at higher speeds while also reducing bearing noise. Paired with the resilience of the high carbon steel rings, Broc is designed for longevity and peak performance.   

A low density, low friction cage, constructed of reinforced polymers, supports these bearings, ensuring they remain stable and in optimal alignment. Further enhancing performance is the premium lubrication with an oil specially selected and developed for high speed and high temperature, ensuring a consistently smooth skating experience. 

Enjoy the benefits of our ceramic technology coupled with the proven strength of high-grade steel and see just how much Broc can endure. It's not just about the materials; it's about the enhanced skating experience they deliver. 

Located in the canton of Fribourg, the charming village of Broc is close to the hometown of WIB and Eenox, Bulle. It is also renowned as the birthplace of the world-acclaimed chocolatier, Cailler. Celebrated as Switzerland's oldest chocolate maker, its legacy of artisanal quality resonates in the region and will be felt in our Broc Inline bearings. 

Product specifications

Pack quantity
Deep Groove
Ball Bearing
Reinforced Polymers (Nylon)
High-Carbon Steel
No Contact
Inner diameter
Outer diameter
Bearing width
image image


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