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Grade 3 Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) all-ceramic balls with high-precision carbon steel rings. This hybrid ceramic bearing is available in a suite of sizes and ideal for rugged outdoor riding for cyclists looking
for premium wear resistance.

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Elite Swiss Precision

Eenox high-performance bearings are made in the mountains of Switzerland. Our legacy of engineering the most thoughtfully crafted, precise bearings is a point of pride. The world knows it. And discerning cyclists can feel the difference at the first pedal stroke. An advanced production process informs how we design, develop and put Eenox bearings to the test. Expect frictionless flow, seamless speed and time-tested durability since 1961.

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Elevate Your Ride

Whether you’re a part of the world tour pro peloton or a hard-driving club rider or triathlete, Eenox will unleash your edge when every second counts. Eenox Swiss engineering expertise delivers unwavering speed with reduced friction and drag. The other riders looking to draft off you are after what you’ve got. Go ahead, let them find out what the Eenox edge means…the very best cycle bearings designed to give you a performance advantage.

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Peak Performance, Every Time

Even when no one is watching. Even when you’re not racing. Even when you are inside hammering up virtual hills, gliding through virtual landscapes. You will know the difference. Every second of training matters. Hi-Performance cycling, indoor and outdoor, abuses bearings. Eenox welcomes the challenge with high-precision bearings proven to last.

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Cycling ProCages (2 Pack)

$5.00 USD


Eenox Decal

$2.00 USD


Cycling ProSeals (4 Pack)

$6.00 USD


Everlast Long Life Everyday Grease

$20.00 USD

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