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Committed to Innovation

We never rest on our laurels. Every win is a challenge to drive harder, excel to an even higher level — to outperform in the most competitive, high-stakes environments. We rise to the occasion as an innovator of premium Swiss bearings for bicycles, skateboards, inline skates and more. At Eenox, we design to set records. Then we beat those records again and again. At the core, we are engineers on an ingenuity mission.

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Swiss-Made Precision

A subsidiary of WIB, Eenox is a pioneer in Swiss bearing solutions. Since 1961, our high-precision miniature and small bearings have earned a reputation for optimum quality and performance. Our bearings are meticulously crafted and engineered with precision, guided by our Swiss heritage. Athletes who know expect what we deliver.

Internal Validation and Testing

Every aspect of our critical operations is completed in-house for utmost control over quality. From design to delivery, engineering to final assembly, we’re a no-excuses culture taking pride in Swiss precision and what that means for the most competitive athletes.

Relentless R&D

As innate problem solvers and perfectionists in our craft, we are in constant pursuit of the next best bearing solution and products - including high-performance greases and oils to complement our lineup of Swiss precision bearings.

Advanced Production Process

Elite performers are on a quest for continuous improvement. We align with this mindset of optimizing every aspect of the game. A proprietary advanced production process guides the way we engineer, develop, produce and test high-precision bearings.

Trusted by Top Athletes

When every second counts, elite athletes and enthusiasts depend on Swiss-engineered Eenox bearings that erase friction and exponentially enhance energy transfer, delivering the ultimate competitive advantage. Not a millimeter of leeway. No way. That’s why world-class cyclists, BMX motocross pros and competitive skateboarders choose Eenox. With us, you get the brains and record-setting bearings.

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Eenox, a subsidiary of WIB, carries forward the legacy of a leading Swiss bearing manufacturer established in 1961. With a global footprint, WIB's commitment to precision, quality, and Swiss heritage has consistently set industry standards. Known for high-precision bearings that power mission-critical operations, WIB's reputation stems from a blend of innovation, collaboration with top Swiss universities, and an R&D department helmed by a PhD with two decades of experience. Now, through Eenox, WIB offers elite athletes and enthusiasts direct access to groundbreaking ball bearing technology, encapsulating over 60 years of expertise and dedication to excellence.

Our Mission

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Our unwavering commitment is to provide elite athletes with the ultimate competitive advantage through our meticulously crafted bearings, engineered with Swiss precision and unparalleled quality control. Driven by our relentless passion for sports and the tenacious pursuit for greatness, we empower athletes to achieve peak performance when every second counts.

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