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Eenox high-performance bearings are thoughtfully engineered for the rigor, precision, speed and agility of your sport.
Learn more about our Swiss bearings designed with technical attributes specifically for cycling, skateboarding and inline skating.

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High-performance Swiss bearings

Enter the next-level echelon of your sport and join a global culture of athletes that know the difference.
You push the limits. So do we, with Swiss-crafted bearings engineered with unparalleled technology designed to set records.
Do you share our competitive spirit? Then explore what Eenox has to offer.

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Trusted by pro athletes

Dive into the heart of speed with Diego Poncelet and Eenox — a partnership built on Swiss precision and a shared quest for excellence. Discover how our cutting-edge bearings are setting Diego on a thrilling journey to break the world downhill skateboarding speed record. 

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Our treat to you. Shipping is on us for orders over just $40. Enjoy hassle-free shopping and let us handle the delivery costs.

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No-hassle returns free up your mind to focus on your sport, not logistics.

Quality guarantee

Count on us. We won’t disappoint. Expect us to deliver Swiss bearings precisely designed to elevate your ride.

Accessorize with Eenox

We support your pursuit for greatness with a menu of equally refined
accessories that complement Eenox Swiss-engineered bearings.

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Cycling ProCages (2 Pack)

$5.00 USD


Eenox Decal

$2.00 USD


608 ProCages (4 Pack)

$2.50 USD


Inline ProSeals (16 Pack)

$12.00 USD


Sk8 ProSeals (8 Pack)

$7.00 USD


Cycling ProSeals (4 Pack)

$6.00 USD


Redline Bearing Performance Oil

$10.00 USD


Everlast Long Life Everyday Grease

$20.00 USD

Our mission

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Our unwavering commitment is to provide elite athletes with the ultimate competitive advantage through our meticulously crafted bearings, engineered with Swiss precision and unparalleled quality control. Driven by our relentless passion for sports and the tenacious pursuit for greatness, we empower athletes to achieve peak performance when every second counts.

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