Inline ProSeals (16 Pack)


Elevate your inline skating with our Inline ProSeals, specifically engineered for skaters who demand the ultimate in speed and fluid motion. This comprehensive pack of sixteen No Contact seals is expertly designed to optimize your rollerblades, minimizing friction for a remarkably smooth and fast ride.


Optimized for Enhanced Speed:
The Inline ProSeals feature a No Contact design that dramatically reduces drag, allowing your wheels to turn faster and more freely. Ideal for performance-focused skaters, these seals help you achieve greater speeds with less effort.

Comprehensive Set for a Full Upgrade:
With sixteen seals included, this pack allows you to equip a complete set of inline skates or rollerblades, ensuring uniform performance across all wheels. This consistent upgrade is essential for maintaining balance and achieving the best possible skating experience.

Designed for Durability and Performance:
While primarily focused on reducing friction, the Inline ProSeals are also durable and built to last. They provide essential protection against large debris, keeping your bearings cleaner and performing better for longer.

Easy Installation:
Inline ProSeals are designed for straightforward installation, so you can upgrade your skates quickly and hit the track or street without missing a beat. Their precise fit ensures hassle-free placement, letting you focus on your skating.

Pair with Redline Oil for Maximum Performance:
For the ultimate setup, pair these seals with our Redline Oil. Formulated to maximize speed and smoothness, Redline oil works synergistically with Inline ProSeals to breathe new life into your bearings, further reducing friction and enhancing your glide.

Experience the Difference:
Whether you’re racing competitively or skating for fun, Inline ProSeals paired with Redline oil offer the perfect combination of speed, smoothness, and durability. Upgrade today and feel the difference in every stride.

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