Sk8 ProSeals (8 Pack)


Unlock the full potential of your skateboard with our Sk8 ProSeals, specially crafted for skaters seeking the ultimate in speed and precision. This pack of eight No Contact seals is designed to enhance your ride by reducing friction without compromising the life span of your bearings.


Optimized for Speed:
Each Sk8 ProSeal features a No Contact design that minimizes friction, enabling your bearings to spin faster and more freely. This design is ideal for skaters who prioritize speed and agility, helping you glide quicker and with less effort.

Full Set for Complete Upgrade:
Receive a complete set of eight seals, perfect for overhauling your entire set of skateboard bearings. By replacing all seals simultaneously, you maintain consistent performance and handling across all your wheels.

Tailored for High Performance:
While No Contact seals focus on minimizing drag for speed, they still offer a basic level of protection against large particles. They are particularly suited for clean, smooth surfaces where the primary concern is reducing rolling resistance.

Superior Quality and Durability:
Manufactured from high-grade materials, Sk8 ProSeals are built to last. They withstand the rigors of high-speed skating, ensuring that your bearings perform at their peak for longer.

Simple to Install:
The Sk8 ProSeals are designed for easy installation, allowing you to quickly upgrade your bearings and get back to skating with minimal downtime. For an optimal performance boost, pair these seals with our Redline oil, specifically formulated to maximize speed. This combination revitalizes your bearings, reducing friction and enhancing smoothness, giving your setup new life and unmatched velocity. Experience a transformative ride with Sk8 ProSeals and Redline oil — where innovation meets the pavement.

Unleash Faster, Smoother Rides:
Choose Sk8 ProSeals for an unmatched skating experience where speed is the name of the game. Whether you're competing in speed skating or enjoying a fast-paced skate in the park, these seals help you push the boundaries of what's possible.

Transform your skating experience with Sk8 ProSeals — where speed meets streamlined performance.

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No Contact
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